Friday, February 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash: February

So I had been going along really great, with $0 from January and then we got the $100 splurge weekend and I thought I'd just pick up a couple of things, maybe finishing kitting up some projects......

I should have just kept abstaining completely because once I started I just couldn't help myself! I didn't go over budget, but I'm pretty sure I spent almost all of the budget, which was not really what I wanted to do. So what did I buy you ask?

For the $100 splurge weekend I ordered a couple of things from online shops and ebay because I don't have any LNS and also live no where near Nashville.

First I ordered from Laurel's Stitchery. I've never placed an order from there before but they had a chart a specifically wanted to make for my mother-in-law.

I ended up spending $62.25.

I bought Luck be with you by Imaginating and the fabric needed for it.
I also bought Snowy Egret by Crossed Wing Collection and the fabric for that as well.
Then I went on ebay.....

I got Noah's Ark by Teresa Wentzler
$2.50 + 3.22 (s+h) = $5.72

And Tradewinds by Teresa Wentzler
$5.00 + 2.50 (s+h) = $7.50

And Oh Christmas Tree by Lavender and Lace, which came with the needed Mill Hill Beads
$8.00 + 4.00 (s+h) = $12.00

And Great Blue Heron by Crossed Wing Collection (I love these, they remind me of Audubon pictures)
$2.99 + 2.09 (s+h) = $5.08

And Lastly I bought Winter Carousel Horse By Teresa Wentzler (I already have the other 3 seasons and needed winter to complete the set)
$4.22 + 1.50 (s+h) = $5.72

So that brings my Ebay total to: $36.02
I also hit up Micheal's for some floss (I had a 25% off coupon), I bought 38 skeins for three projects for $11.11, so that was actually a pretty good deal.

So my grand total worked up to $11.11 + $36.02 + $62.25 = $109.38

So I spent all of the $100 dollar splurge weekend budget and $9.38 from my regular budget (which was at $50.00), leaving me with $40.62 to roll over to next month.

Actually when I write it all down its not as bad as I had originally thought, but it is still a lot and more then I was planning on spending/buying. I know I added in shipping and technically that doesn't count, but I'm going to include it in my budget because it's still money I had to spend.

I think for next month I'm going to try for another $0 and save up for a light I really want

As far as what I worked on, I mostly worked on the Dimensions stocking Sleigh Ride at Dusk, I've been moving along at a pretty good clip on this, here's where I am now:
(Please excuse the picture quality, I didn't notice how fuzzy it was until I uploaded it on the computer)

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