Friday, February 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash: February

So I had been going along really great, with $0 from January and then we got the $100 splurge weekend and I thought I'd just pick up a couple of things, maybe finishing kitting up some projects......

I should have just kept abstaining completely because once I started I just couldn't help myself! I didn't go over budget, but I'm pretty sure I spent almost all of the budget, which was not really what I wanted to do. So what did I buy you ask?

For the $100 splurge weekend I ordered a couple of things from online shops and ebay because I don't have any LNS and also live no where near Nashville.

First I ordered from Laurel's Stitchery. I've never placed an order from there before but they had a chart a specifically wanted to make for my mother-in-law.

I ended up spending $62.25.

I bought Luck be with you by Imaginating and the fabric needed for it.
I also bought Snowy Egret by Crossed Wing Collection and the fabric for that as well.
Then I went on ebay.....

I got Noah's Ark by Teresa Wentzler
$2.50 + 3.22 (s+h) = $5.72

And Tradewinds by Teresa Wentzler
$5.00 + 2.50 (s+h) = $7.50

And Oh Christmas Tree by Lavender and Lace, which came with the needed Mill Hill Beads
$8.00 + 4.00 (s+h) = $12.00

And Great Blue Heron by Crossed Wing Collection (I love these, they remind me of Audubon pictures)
$2.99 + 2.09 (s+h) = $5.08

And Lastly I bought Winter Carousel Horse By Teresa Wentzler (I already have the other 3 seasons and needed winter to complete the set)
$4.22 + 1.50 (s+h) = $5.72

So that brings my Ebay total to: $36.02
I also hit up Micheal's for some floss (I had a 25% off coupon), I bought 38 skeins for three projects for $11.11, so that was actually a pretty good deal.

So my grand total worked up to $11.11 + $36.02 + $62.25 = $109.38

So I spent all of the $100 dollar splurge weekend budget and $9.38 from my regular budget (which was at $50.00), leaving me with $40.62 to roll over to next month.

Actually when I write it all down its not as bad as I had originally thought, but it is still a lot and more then I was planning on spending/buying. I know I added in shipping and technically that doesn't count, but I'm going to include it in my budget because it's still money I had to spend.

I think for next month I'm going to try for another $0 and save up for a light I really want

As far as what I worked on, I mostly worked on the Dimensions stocking Sleigh Ride at Dusk, I've been moving along at a pretty good clip on this, here's where I am now:
(Please excuse the picture quality, I didn't notice how fuzzy it was until I uploaded it on the computer)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Turkey Babies!

The first batch of Turkeys hatched!

These little guys are spending their first couple of weeks in a brooder in the office. The first two weeks are when turkey's are most vulnerable and still learning how to eat and drink. Keeping them inside during this time makes it easy to keep an extra close eye on them and getting to watch their adorable antics while paying bills is a a pretty good bonus

Friday, February 14, 2014

February WIPocalypse

February 14 – Topic: How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

I really have no current system for organizing myself and actually that seems to work best for me. When ever I've tried to hold myself to a system, for example that I have to finish this project before I can start on this other one, I find that I lose my enthusiasm for stitching and end up doing nothing. I've found it's more fun for me and I actually get more done if I just let myself do whatever interests me.

This month is actually a great example of that, I really should get Thistle Scissor Keep done, it's so close and really only needs a couple more hours of work, but I stopped being interested in it and really wanted to pick up another one of my WIP's, specifically Sleigh Ride at Dusk Stocking by Dimensions. If I had held myself to the hard and fast rule of needing to finish the Scissor Keep first I just would have ended up doing no stitching at all. By letting myself move to the project that was really calling to me I got a ton done.

Here's where Sleigh Ride at dusk is now, all of the blue-ish sky area is new.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Incubator!

The new Hova Bator Genesis incubator came in and I already have it loaded up with the first round of Bourbon Red Turkey eggs.

I'm really loving the large picture window and the digital control center were you can set whatever temperature you want and the incubator automatically maintains it. If all goes well the real test will be 28 days from now when hopefully most of those eggs will hatch out little chicks.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Turkey Eggs

I've got the first batch of Bourbon Red Turkey eggs in the incubator! These eggs were laid by the turkeys we kept as breeding stock from the 15 we raised last year. This is the first time we've tried hatching Turkey eggs and the second year we've used this incubator. I did a couple of batches of chickens eggs in this incubator last year and overall I wasn't that impressed with it, since it was our first incubator buying experience I just bought the model they had at tractor supply, I think it is a Little Giant. I just placed an order for the GQF 1558 Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator and I'm really hoping that works better for me, I'll be doing some side by side hatching's a little later in the year.